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Crane M

R 7,800.00
Smaller Outside,
More Inside
Crane-M is a paraprofessional gimbal. With payload weight of 125g-650g, it could support the vast majority of the compact digital cameras in the market, and fill up a vacancy between phone and mirrorless camera at the same time. Crane - M only weights 740g which is lighter than Crane, but inherited the new technology of 3-axis of unlimited rotation, Bluetooth connection and compatible with 2 types of batteries from Crane. If we take Crane as a professional photographic equipment, Crane-M would be the entry level paraprofessional product created by Zhiyun then.
Crane - M weights only 740g, as light as a bottle of mineral water, but it could support from action cameras, mobiles, compact cameras, to mirrorless cameras. It could be considered as a ancient giant monster - because of his strong performance and “huge stomach”.
First gimbal to control 
the camera
Crane - M is the first gimbal which could control the camera. Only after connecting the gimbals with the USB cable , it could realize the control of photo shooting and focal distance, which makes the gimbals and camera to be one and saves the time of adjustment after changing each scene.